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Christmas card 'Winter Fairies' | ice blue | Postcard Din A6

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Christmas postcard in ice blue with Christmas elves, squirrels and Christmas cats in Victorian nostalgic style. A festive Christmas greeting in delicate creamy ice colors.
Postcard DIN A6 with an ornamental winter elves pattern with dancing snowflakes, a whimsical pair of cats and the Christmas star.
The creamy shades are just right for a cozy Christmas greeting that dances times from the conventional color scheme.
All my cards are designed with love and printed in small editions - so you can be sure to get something special here.
There is also the matching bullet journal or notebook in the ice blue design.
If you want to write more than fits on the postcard, I can recommend my double-sided Christmas card in the ice blue design.
Printed on 300g postcard cardstock, back side with preprint for address and stamp and my little cat logo, of course writable.
Please note: The colors shown on your display may slightly differ from the actual color of the products shown on my product photos. In case of doubt please contact me!