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Washi-Sticker with silver foil 'Magical Symbols'

Washi-Sticker with silver foil 'Magical Symbols'

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The sticker sheets with filigree magical symbols (e.g. Celestial, witchy things, potions, moons and stars, Book of Shadows, Magic Eye) are printed on delicate rice paper with high-gloss silver foil.

The paper is translucent, almost transparent, so the stickers blend seamlessly into your layout and allow underlying fonts to show through.

The individual sheets are 10.5x14.8cm (Din A6) and carry 25 individual stickers each.

All my stickers are designed with love and printed in very small editions, so you can be sure to get something very special here.

The Witchy Things motifs are also available with gold foil print and in black on a Din A5 sheet.

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