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Sticker sheet 'Water lilies and goldfish' eco-friendly stickers - transparent | Din A5 | for journaling and scrapbooking

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Eco friendly sticker sheets with colorful water lily flowers, lily pads and goldfish (koi) in Din A5. On each sheet are 21 individual stickers. The stickers are printed on 100% compostable, transparent bio-film.

The colorful illustrations on transparent film fit wonderfully in your bullet journal or on invitation cards and letters. The transparency allows you to incorporate them into your layouts as if they were drawn, or stick them over existing text elements and let them shine through.

All my stickers are designed with love and printed in very small editions, so you can be sure to get something very special here.

You can also get the matching bullet journal with water lilies and a wrapping paper with the water lily design.

Please note: The colors shown on your display may differ slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos. In case of doubt, please contact me!