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Sticker with Waterlilies and Goldfish, black, 50mm in diameter

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6 black letter seal stickers with water lilies and goldfish, 50mm in diameter, round, self-adhesive and glossy, for journaling, scrapbooking and decoration.

With the letter seal stickers you can embellish your letters individually - for example, my matching greeting card 'Good luck' - but also decorate gifts, especially on natural brown kraft paper or black tissue paper, the small stickers look quite magical. By the way, the koi carp is a symbol of luck and prosperity in Japanese culture.

The motif is designed by me in watercolor and gouache and then printed in a local print shop. All my stickers are designed with love and printed in small editions, so you can be sure to get something very special.

Also I have for you the matching bullet journal with water lilies and an enchanting black wrapping paper with the water lily motif.

Please note: The colors shown on your display may differ slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos. In case of doubt feel free to contact me!