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Postcard 'Cherry Blossom Ghosts' Watercolor DinA6

Postcard 'Cherry Blossom Ghosts' Watercolor DinA6

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Art postcard DIN A6 with my watercolor 'Cherry Blossom Ghosts'.

The small tree spirits are called Kodama in Japanese. They bring luck and are protectors of nature.

You can give the card away as a birthday greeting, for example, because the little spirits bring luck and protect. Of course you can also send the card to anyone you want to wish luck ;-).

I painted the motif "Cherry Blossom Ghosts" by hand in watercolor, the card was printed in Germany. It is also available here as an art print .

You can find more watercolor postcards with my motifs here .

Printed on 300g FSC-certified cardboard, motif side laminated with matt foil, reverse side with pre-printed address and stamp, which can of course be written on.

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