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Postcard 'Waterlily Girl' with water lilies and goldfish

Postcard 'Waterlily Girl' with water lilies and goldfish

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Art postcard DinA6 'Girl in a water lily pond' watercolor.

The picture shows a girl in a white dress sinking to the bottom of a water lily pond, surrounded by dreamlike pink water lily blossoms. The goldfish are watching her curiously - is she dreaming...or is she?

The motif has a fantastic, dreamlike atmosphere, like in a fairy tale or a romantic poem. I painted the original in watercolor and drawing ink. Drawing ink, in particular, creates extremely strong, bright colors and fine gradients.

The postcard is printed on 300g FSC-certified cardboard, motif side laminated with soft-touch foil, reverse side with pre-printed address and stamp.

The painting is also available as a Fine Art Print.

There is also the 'Waterlily-Girl' journal and matching wrapping paper.

Please note: the colors shown on your display may differ slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos. If in doubt, please contact me!

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