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Wrapping paper 'Waterlily' 49x68cm with water lilies and koi

Wrapping paper 'Waterlily' 49x68cm with water lilies and koi

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Silky shiny wrapping paper, each sheet 49x68cm, with my hand-drawn water lily and goldfish motif (approx. 100g/m2).

Koi and goldfish are symbols of luck and wealth in Asian cultures! They are therefore also a popular motif for greeting cards and wrapping paper.

The paper is tear-resistant and folds very well.

There is also the Waterlily Bullet Journal , a greetings card

cute washi tape with water lilies and goldfish

and the 'Waterlily' sticker - great, for example, to embellish the gift packaging, to close it decoratively or to seal the greeting card envelope.

Please note: the colors shown on your display may differ slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos. If in doubt, please contact me!

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