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Postcard 'Migration' Watercolor DinA6 | Galaxy and Manta Ray | Fantasy Art

Postcard 'Migration' Watercolor DinA6 | Galaxy and Manta Ray | Fantasy Art

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Fantasy art postcard with a high quality print of watercolor painting 'Migration' - Northern Lights in the sky... a big ray floats out into space. A little girl with a teddy bear stands on a hill and watches the ray and a swarm of many small sea creatures that seem to leave the planet into space... a bit of dystopia, a bit of fantasy resonates in this motif.

The picture is part of a series of 4 ('Migration', 'Protection', 'Reflection', 'Shinto Tor'), the other motifs can be found in my artist portfolio.

The watercolor painting is also available as an original format art print.

You can find more watercolor postcards here.

All my postcards are designed with love and printed in small editions, so you can be sure to buy something special here.

Printed on 300g FSC-certified cardboard, back with pre-print for address and stamp, of course writable.

Please note: The colors shown on your display may vary slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos. Decoration is not included. In case of doubt, please contact me!

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