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Washi Tape 'Cats' | black and white | 10mx15mm

Washi Tape 'Cats' | black and white | 10mx15mm

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Washi tape with cute cat illustrations in black and white. A nice gift for the cat lover to embellish letters or to design your bullet journal. Also great for scrapbooking or handicrafts - and a great bringer for the cat's birthday!

The tapes are each 10m long and 15mm wide, made of slightly transparent paper and self-adhesive.

By the way, the little kittens are hand-drawn and based on my cat Suse.

You get my kitty washi tape nicely packaged in a glassine bag with a sticker.

You can also get a bullet journal with lots of little kittens, cute kitten wrapping paper and the right letter seals for birthday invitations, for example.

Please note: the colors shown on your display may differ slightly from the actual color of the products shown in my product photos. The decoration in the photos is not included. If in doubt, please contact me!
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